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The IMA is hosting Digital Marketing Recoded (DMR) by IMPACT18, September 19-21, in Las Vegas! DMR is the best Internet marketing conference you will attend all year, and it'll be held at Aria Resort's $170M renovated conference center. The IMA has been organizing this conference for close to 10 years and every year it gets better and better! It's not just about building your professional connections, but also about your experience.

Top 10 reasons you don't want to miss DMR:
  1. Welcome bash - Upon arrival, you will be greeted with a welcome celebration with appetizers and drinks, where you can introduce yourself to other attendees and get to know each other before the conference begins
  2. Networking - Marketing leaders, business leaders and a boutique environment
  3. Exhibits - Several exhibits will be open during the welcome bash and day of conference
  4. Shows and Performances - multiple shows will transpire during your stay in Vegas
  5. Vegas - Because it's Vegas! Do I have to say more?
  6. Top 10 topics - Covering the most important topics of today
  7. ARIA - Brand new $170M expanded conference room, new outdoor area
  8. Experiences - #1 take away from impact conferences are the experiences we create from start to finish
  9. Life is Beautiful - Music festival is occurring the same week as conference
  10. Nightclub Experience - After the conference, we will have passes for all attendees to one of Vegas's top clubs
This year we have guest speakers from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Evite, Aston Martin and more. We will address the top 10 trends that every digital marketing professional should know about. A few topics include: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Data & Security and Blockchain innovations. Here, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with all of the presenters and other attendees. You will not only have the chance to improve on your professional intelligence but create life long friendships as well as career-building connections.



Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, IMA
Voices of Beverly Hills
Bree Jacoby, Style Concierge

"Dress For Success" is a famous line for a reason. Clothing is that non-verbal, say-everything statement that determines how others perceive you. Dressing right for a business meeting, first date, work trip or wedding is crucial for your personal brand. Every day you are selling your most precious commodity, you.
Comcast's Dan Keir Puts Innovation To The Test

By Ernan Roman

Dan Keir is senior director of direct marketing at Comcast. He has extensive experience optimizing campaigns for both B2C and B2B companies, with a particular focus on test and learn, direct response, and campaign analytics.
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CEOs Can Never Call In Sick: 5 Leadership Lessons With Susan Akbarpour, CEO of Mavatar Technologies

By Yitzi Weiner, CEO, Thought Leader Incubator

CEOs can never call in sick (I'm notorious to go to work with mask, Vitamin C packs for everyone - I feel guilty to stay home when everyone works. Later on I read in a study that Guilt is the main ingredient of entrepreneurship.
Surprise! Evite Reveals Surprise Party Trends and $10,000 in Surprise Giveaways

Evite, the world's leading online and text invitation service, has launched a nationwide celebration of surprise parties with a $10,000 Surprise Party Sweepstakes. The company also shared new insights into surprise party trends.
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What Does The Future Of The Marketing Clouds Hold?

By Kevin Akeroyd, CEO, Cision

When I first started out in the marketing business, there was no such thing as the cloud. Back then, data-driven marketing involved catalogs, direct mail and Sunday newspaper inserts.
Ware Malcomb Develops Innovative Multistory Industrial Building Design Prototype

International design firm Ware Malcomb has developed an innovative multistory industrial building design prototype to meet the changing needs of ecommerce and help solve the challenge of last-mile delivery.
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